Judicial and Executive Appointments

GWAC’s principal goals in endorsing candidates for judicial positions include promoting the most qualified individuals to both local and federal courts in the District of Columbia and increasing diversity on the bench. GWAC seeks to endorse candidates for judicial appointments who, in addition to displaying and demonstrating the attributes and qualities of excellent jurist: (1) have demonstrated a commitment to equal and fair treatment of all persons under the law; and (2) are sensitive and responsive to the needs and concerns of the African-American women, primarily in the Washington, D.C. area.  GWAC is also committed to assisting the federal and state courts in becoming more aware of matters of concern to the African-American community with respect to the legal system and access to justice.

GWAC’s principal goal in endorsing candidates to executive positions in the District of Columbia, federal governments, and in bar associations is to increase the number of qualified African-American women (and allies of African-American women) in those positions. We also seek to endorse candidates who are sensitive and responsive to the needs and concerns of African-American women and who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting their advancements and responding to their needs and concerns.

The Judicial and Executive Appointments Committee of GWAC will complete a review of each candidate’s qualifications seeking endorsement. This review may involve interviews with the candidate, interviews with persons listed as references for the candidate, a review of information provided by or on behalf of the candidate, and a review of additional information and interviews with additional persons that the Committee deems appropriate to properly evaluate the candidate. Upon completion of the Committee’s review, the Committee will make a recommendation to the GWAC Board regarding candidates for endorsement. The GWAC Board will make the ultimate decision regarding endorsement.

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GWAC is proud to endorse the following candidates for the D.C. Bar 2022 Elections


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