Getting to the “Personal” in Personal Branding

Don’t Forget About the “Here and Now”

WOW! The 2016-17 bar year has come to an end just as quickly as it started!

We began the bar year with board and member retreats in our summer best and will be ending the year with our annual installation ceremony of our new officers this Thursday.  From launching the Inaugural Resident Blogger Program to hosting our own virtual 5K, GWAC has attempted to provide quality programming and resources to our members throughout the 2016-17 bar year.

As Public Relations Chair for GWAC, I am always thinking of new ways to promote the next GWAC event.  This idea of “next” can infiltrate different parts of our lives.  How are you going to get the next promotion, that next job, that next volunteer opportunity?  If you are anything like me, focusing on the “next” endeavor can divert your attention from the task that you are currently confronting.  What about this current position, this current job, this current volunteer opportunity?

Thus, I wanted to end the getting to the “personal” of personal branding blog on a simple note: while it is important to set goals, do not forget to complete the tasks that are before you now.  Your personal brand is what others think of you when you are not in room.  Do you want to be known as the person that submits incomplete work, the person that does not put forth their best effort, or the person that is involved in so many activities that you are not really good at anything?  Of course not!  Therefore, before networking your way to your next position, make sure you are doing your absolute best in the position you are in — so you can be ready for the responsibilities that come with that next position, that next job, that next volunteer opportunity.

I hope you have a safe, joyous, and prosperous summer!

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