Getting to the “Personal” in Personal Branding

Spruce Up Your Personal Brand for Spring!

By Onika K. Williams

Spring has officially sprung!  If you need any confirmation that spring is in full bloom, feel free to search for cherry blossom photos on Instagram…and the growing allergy aisle at your local pharmacy!  With spring comes new beginnings.  This is an excellent time to re-evaluate what you have done this year and what you hope to accomplish in the next year.  Was there something you were hoping to accomplish this year, but have not been able to start?  Did you want to take a language course?  Need new headshots?  Want to work on your LinkedIn page?  Want to exercise more?  Now is the time to do it!

However, before plunging head first into sprucing up your personal brand, here are few tips to make sure you are doing so efficiently and for the right reasons:

  • Ask yourself why you are hitting the “reboot” button: While spring is an excellent time to re-evaluate where you are in your goals, make sure you are not starting new endeavors just to check off a box. Yes, getting new headshots this spring would be great, but if you got new headshots in January 2017, do you really need new headshots?  Remember to ask yourself if the activity you are about to engage in is necessary to reach your goals.
  • Do you have time to engage in this new activity? During this time of year, many bar associations are completing their bar years and preparing for executive board elections. Are you looking to get more involved with your local bar associations or become more involved with a national bar association?  This is great!  Being involved in bar associations illustrates that you are willing to volunteer and take on leadership opportunities.  Additionally, participating in bar associations allow you to network and learn new skills.  But, is it not necessary to be president of every bar association that ever existed all at the same time?  Likely no.  Make sure you do not take on too much at once.
  • Do something new! Once you have figured out whether you are hitting the “reboot” button for the right reasons and that you have time for a new activity, try something new! Want to volunteer more?  Join a volunteer-based organization and sign up for shifts!  Want to visit more museums?  Become a member at a museum and receive the opportunity to attend more museum programming.  Want to take on a new leadership role?  Run for a leadership position in an organization that you have been involved in.

In sum, spring is an excellent time to re-evaluate your goals and spruce up your personal brand.  If you find that you want to engage in an activity and have time for the activity, go ahead and try something new!

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