Welcome to GWAC’s 2020-2021 Bar Year!

Dear GWAC Members and Friends,

Welcome to GWAC’s 2020-2021 Bar Year! It is truly an honor to serve as GWAC’s 31st President. Though these times are unprecedented and trying, GWAC is more committed than ever to serve the needs of Black women attorneys in the Greater Washington Area and our broader community as we continue to face both the economic and health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and combat systemic racism. As a civil rights attorney, I believe in the collective power of movement building, policy advocacy and the rule of law to effect change in our society. I am inspired by the progress of advocates and solidarity shown over the past few weeks, but I know there is still much work to be done for racial justice.

I’m excited to work with this year’s talented Board to build upon the strong foundation Past Presidents and Boards have laid for us since GWAC’s founding in 1974. We are striving to have a dynamic, transformative year with our annual events and new programming. I encourage you to get to know this year’s Board by clicking here and to reach out to Committee Chairs you’re interested in working with. This Bar Year, we plan to turn lemons into lemonade and focus on three main areas:

  • continuing the supportive role GWAC has always played for Black women attorneys in  the Greater Washington Area, which is more important than ever during these times,
  • advancing the professional development and economic security of our members through career advancement and financial planning programming, and establishing a mentor program, and
  • advocating for racial and gender justice through supporting local initiatives and election protection efforts.

As we continue to adjust to virtual events and adapt our programming and resources to meet the needs of GWAC members, I welcome your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please feel free to email me at President@gwacbar.org to connect or even just to say hello.

Thank you for your continued support! Let’s get to work!

Warm Regards,

Erinn D. Martin
2020-2021 President
Greater Washington Area Chapter,
Women Lawyers Division,
National Bar Association